No matter which area of coaching you choose to work with us, We will focus on your personal wellbeing from the inside out. Using our Wellbeing in 4Dimensions methodology, we’ll work on your emotional, relational, physical and intellectual dimensions to reshape your life in each of these areas of coaching, from the inside out. Below you will see each specific area we can work with you on, each of which will allow you to find balance in every dimension of your personal life.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching deals with lifestyle issues and your personal development in the following areas of life: body, family, parenting, relationships, career, money, spirituality and intimacy. As your coach, I begin our work together by assessing how balanced you are in various areas and aspects of your life. This sets the groundwork for our work together going forward, where I will help you to set and achieve your goals for each area of your life. All the areas in our lives are interconnected in one way or another. My job is to identify the most relevant ones according to what you’d like to prioritise and rebalance the most.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is a breakthrough in personal self-care and it can make a big difference in your lives. Genuine one-on-one coaching can help you achieve real results for both your health and wellbeing. We would recommend this to clients going through significant lifestyle changes, coping with life after a serious illness, recovering from addiction or simply wanting to transform their lifestyles and image at 360º. Wellness Coaching is an ideal option for people who are looking to find balance in their lives and re-energise and rejuvenate themselves from the inside out. As your coach, our role is to motivate you to thrive for balance in all the wellness dimensions presented in the Wellness Wheel method and assessment we use. This together with other tools will help you along your journey of shifting from old and limiting behaviours, thoughts and patterns to a renewed sense of enthusiasm and vitality.

Career & Purpose Coaching

Career & Purpose Coaching has the primary focus of helping you to discover your purpose and passion. we help clients implement a plan of action to align their lives with their new sense of intent and direction. We help the client define and achieve what they really want from their career and lives. We will help you build self-awareness and find clarity, supporting you to discern the difference between a career and a life purpose.

Communication & Self Expression Coaching

Communication & Self Expression Coaching aims to educate the individual on communication, presentation skills and self-confidence. We work with you through this by focusing on body language, image and acts of self-love such as healthy assertiveness and setting boundaries. My role is to encourage you to broaden your self-awareness in the 4 communication dimensions  and develop balance amongst them. We love coaching and empowering men and women to find their voice.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships are a real challenge in life and work today. As a coach, we can help you understand and manage the different elements that present themselves in any kind of relationship, be it romantic, marital, friendship or amongst colleagues. We lead you in the journey of self-discovery, which aims to expand your awareness. A renewed self-awareness will then enable you to approach your relationships with yourself and others, in a much more constructive and positive way. We can support you in recognising, sustaining and managing what you are facing in your relationships whilst helping you to shift any limiting perceptions or beliefs in this area of life.

Parenting Skills Coaching

There is no school that teaches us to become parents. We were children and young adults once too, just as our children are in the present. Parenting Skills coaching focuses on developing self-awareness of your present parenting style and exploring how you’d like to transform it in order to encourage a new dynamic and approach with your children. Communication is the basic skill when it comes to parenting. As a coach specialising in communication, we will guide you to set goals and then facilitate new awareness in regards to your present communication style with yourself, your partner and your children. In developing self-awareness and transforming the way you communicate with yourself, you will naturally shift into a new model of communication as a parent.

We urge you to choose your coach according to your needs and wants. We always suggest carefully researching the coach you will choose to guide you along the journey of self-discovery. You will be building a necessary bond and deep trust in the process of your transformation, so it’s crucial to find the most fitting life coach for you.